Have you ever been in church listening to a missionary speak about spreading God’s Love around the world and thought, “this is really good.” And maybe (if you are one of those kind of church, like mine, said “Amen!”). When you see those photos from South America, India, China, Africa, and the list goes on…it pulls on your heart and maybe…just maybe you cry a little.

Now that is some good preachin…

Then he continues to the end…he may say something like “Jesus says go into ALL the world to preach the gospel Mark 16:15. Jesus didn’t say Go to Africa and South America and other places like that. He said go into ALL the world…That INCLUDES the North America. That INCLUDES your city, your town, your neighborhood, your next door neighbor.” He may go onto say, “Was Jesus just speaking to people like me?” “Or is this commission for ALL of His people?” At this point you are probably thinking…”well I don’t have time or its not my job.”

The reason the church isn’t growing as it once did is we have become complacent.

Paul says in Philippians 4:12, “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”

Contentment is not the same as complacency. Being happy with the way things are isn’t what we have been called to be.

We are to, just as Paul said, not be full of greed always wanting more. But in the same way we need to never get to a place of complacency. Where we think everything is good enough.

This little word GO is very hard for many church members. They are happy in their seat. They let the pastor speak and everything is “right” in their world.

What about yours?

Is everything “right” in your world? What about your neighbors world?

Don’t just sit and say amen to a good teaching.


God Bless!

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