Where does your approval come from?


In the book of Galatians Paul has some pretty harsh words. This is one of those times. The culture we live in is so obsessed with trying to get approval from each other. It is very easy to fall into this system of living our lives for the people around us. Whether we are trying to look cool with friends or move up in a job; we can fall into seeking their approval instead of God’s.

You may be thinking…I need to do what my boss says so I can move up or so I don’t get fired. Or you might be thinking…if I don’t act like that around them they will leave me.

Those are very reasonable fears.

 The book of Galatians is one of my favorite books in the bible. It is all about Grace vs. Legalism or Freedom vs. Tyranny or Love vs. Laws or how ever you choose to think of it. Bottom line is the book teaches that we ARE FREE in Christ because of His Grace that has given us the ability to not be crushed by the tyranny that comes from the Laws found in the old testament.

So be free! In the grace that comes from Christ’s loving gift of Himself!

 What does this have to do with gaining the approval from people? Lets look at Christ life to answer this…

Jesus said what matters in this life is to love God and love others. In His ministry He did many great things. He was flowing the freedom that came from the grace of God. He wasn’t living under the Law of do’s and don’ts. One story that illustrates this very well… In John 9…

It was the Sabbath, so that meant according to the law of the old testament people were not supposed to work at all or you would be “offending God”. So Jesus is walking around and sees a blind man. Jesus started talking to the blind man. Jesus spit in the dirt to make mud. He rubbed the mud in the man’s eyes and then instructed him to wash in the Pool of Siloam. After doing this the man had perfect sight. The leaders of the church found out and questioned the man. They came to the conclusion that Jesus must be against God, because He “worked” on the Sabbath.

Jesus was not looking for the approval of men, whither they were high leaders or not. Jesus was seeking the approval of His Heavanly Father. Healing the man may have not been the “right” thing to do in the eyes of men, but it was what was right in God’s eyes.

Jesus lived in favor and blessing while on earth, becuse He had God’s approval. If you want to be promoted at your job and you want to have true friends; seek God’s approval in everything you do and He will bless you in every area of your life.

God bless!

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